HACC Cluster

The AMD-Xilinx Heterogeneous Compute Cluster is hosted within the Coordinated Science Lab at UIUC. The cluster was designed to support high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning (ML), and genomics applications, and for investigating programming models, compilers, schedulers, systems and architectures. It scalable and expandable, and encompasses modern FPGAs, multi-GPU nodes, near-memory acceleration devices, and emerging compute devices.

The cluster is comprised of 6 compute nodes + 4 Support nodes.

  • 1 x Head node – Many core, large memory development node.
  • 2 x Compute nodes – Accelerated compute node
  • 2 x Big compute nodes – Accelerated compute nodes with support for up to eight accelerators per node
  • 1 x Big Data node – FPGA + high end GPU node for big data analytics research
  • 4 x Login nodes

The nodes are interconnected on a 100 Gb/s ethernet rack switch with a 1 Gb/s uplink to communicate outside of the cluster. For storage, there is a shared 24TB home filesystem. Each compute node also includes high speed scratch space.

Overall compute infrastructure details:

NodeOpen to External UseCPUCores/ThreadsMemoryAccelerator Resources
Head - 0Yes2 x Xeon Gold 623040/80384 GBN/A
Compute - 0Yes2 x Xeon Gold 521716/32192 GB3 x Alveo U250
Compute - 1Yes2 x Xeon Gold 521716/32192 GB2 x Alveo U280+ 1 VCK 5000
Compute - 2No2 x Xeon Gold 521832/64192 GB1x Alveo U280 + 2 x Alveo U250
Compute - 3No2 x Xeon Gold 521832/64192 GB1 x Alveo U280 + Development boards
Compute - 42 x Xeon Gold 623040/80128 GB1 Alveo U250 + 2x Tesla V100
Login - 0Yes
Login - 1Yes
Login - 2Yes
XACC Web Login - 0Yes