HACC Cluster Status

HACC Node Status:

Active Nodes on HACC Cluster and Associated Compute Resources

NodeCores/ThreadsMemoryAcceleratorsStatusExternal UseNode Type
head-000-42/44 GBN/AUPYGeneral Compute
head-000-536/72368 GBN/AUPYDevelopment + General Compute
login-0-011/22 GBN/AUPYLogin Node
login-1-011/22 GBN/AUPYLogin Node
login-2-011/22 GBN/AUPYLogin Node
web-0-11/14 GBN/AUPYWeb Login Node
c-000-24/840 GBAlveo U250UPYFPGA + Compute
c-000-34/840 GBAlveo U250UPYFPGA + Compute
c-000-44/840 GBAlveo U250DOWN/MAINTENANCEYFPGA + Compute
c-001-24/840 GBAlveo U280UPYFPGA + Compute
c-00232/64192 GBN/ADOWNNFPGA + Compute
c-00332/64192 GB1 x U280 + Dev Boards + 2 x U250UP/ReservedNFPGA + Compute
c-00440/80128 GB1 Alveo U250 + 2x Tesla V100UP/ReservedNFPGA + GPU + Compute


List of current publicly available FPGAs denoting the the FPGA name, the installed shell, and the VM it is currently passed through to. Note that the VM name shows which physical machine the FPGA is connected to, which can be used to determine what type of access is available on the FPGA i.e. if it is connected to the 100G switch.

FPGA NameShell InstalledVirtual Machine Name
U280-002xilinx_u280_gen3x16_xdma_1_202211_1xacc-comp-001-3 or xacc-comp-001-4 (mutually exclusive)
U280-003xilinx_u280_gen3x16_xdma_1_202211_1xacc-comp-001-2 or xacc-comp-0001-4 (mutually exclusive)